2003 Bennack-Bellinger Family Reunion

August 31, 2003 - St. Joseph Society Hall - San Antonio, TX

This web page is a record of the family reunion that took place in 2003 for the Bennack and Bellinger families (as well as the Siever, Hudson, Quillian, Koehl, and other associated families).

(The text below is from the reunion pamphlet, written by reunion organizer Carol Anne Koehl.)

A Family in History
Years ago, descendants of Georg and Anna Marie Sievers Bennack and Edmund and Arminda Ann Hankins Bellinger decided to get together and reminisce about the relatives who had been pioneers in the westward movement across the United States.
The tradition of a family reunion dates from the March 2, 1987 double union of Frank Phillip Benack and Wenona Bellinger and her brother John Carnot Bellinger with Frank's sister Justine Bennack, which bonded the families together forever.
These reunions have occurred irregularly throughout the past 106 years.
One was held in 1939, when Lucius Bellinger, who had settled in Hawaii after serving there in the Army, came home.
However there is no record of any other until the year 1969.
After that, there were occasional day-long gatherings of those members who could be contacted by telephone, letter, or word of mouth.
There has not been any organized family association with dues or a newsletter; therefore, keeping up with the changes in the family has been difficult.
A register will be placed at the entrance of the hall in order to collect updated names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, websites, and any other means of communication. Everyone is asked to please sign the 2003 Family Reunion register with all pertinent information.

Prior to the 2003 reunion, there were reunions in 1982 and 1986 at the Quillian Ranch in Pleasonton, Texas.

--Chris Hudson