The Unofficial EmptyFlower FAQ and Newbies Guide

This is a page that I made where newbies to the EmptyFlower discussion forum can come for answers to all their questions about the forum.

What is EmptyFlower?
A discussion forum for people interested in the IMA (internal martial arts). However discussion of all martial arts is allowed. And general topics are discussed in the 'Off The Topic' section.

What does HTFU mean?
Harden the [email protected]#k Up. It's from a YouTube video featuring an Australian named Ronnie Johns (who is impersonating a guy named Mark Brandon "Chopper" Read).
Link: click

Who is Sooty (St Sooty)?
A male guinea pig who broke out of his pen, slipped into a pen with 24 females, got busy, and then slept for two days. For obvious reasons, he has heroic status and deep respect from the EF community.
Link: click

How do I post an image in my response?
Above the message field where you type your response, find the image button. Click it, and it will place two [ img ] [ / img ] tags in the field (an opening tag and a closing tag). Then copy and paste the complete URL (link) for the image in between the img tags.

What attitude should I have on EF?
Whether you agree or disagree with someone, never get into personal attack.(wise words courtesy of John Wang)

Keep a light mood, don't get too serious, and don't try to be a smartass if you're a n00b. Meet the people, search around before making judgements, and you'll blend in.
Don't try to come here expecting everyone to kiss your ass, or trying to show us the errors of our ways and the perfection of yours.
Think of EF as a bar, a club where members are having a few drinks and discussing topics and joking around. Think of the admins and mods as bouncers that drink with you, even do a little dance but will not hesitate to grab you by the neck and kick you out if you don't follow the rules.
(Of course, you must think of me as the "Felipe 'Thundersnake' Bidó", created by the huge amount of energy produced when God kick my dad in the nuts, but that's another topic. *grin* (more wise words from Admin/Moderator Felipe Bido)

Can I ask about 'empty force'?
Don't even go there! (wise words from Balance)

What is the best way for new members to introduce themselves to the EF community?
After registering, post some info about your training background and who you have studied with in the EmptyFlower Members' Backgrounds sticky thread, located at the top of the Xingyiquan - Baguazhang - Taijiquan section of the forum.

What does NSFW mean?
NSFW = Not Safe For Work. Don't click on any thread with this title if you're surfing from work.

What does BTDT mean?
BTDT = Been There Done That (a section of the forum where topics that are very common tend to go)

How do I keep users' names straight when their names keep changing?
Mouse over the persons name and look at the bottom-left corner of your browser. The last word in that string should have their original user name. (courtesy of Zac)

What's up with all the drama?
Emptyflower seems to "go on the rag" about every 6-8 weeks. Pointless arguments will be engaged at length, accounts will be deleted in a huff and some toys will get thrown around and taken home. EF is 99.9% male, and the women who can put up with the smell of us and post here are unimaginably cool. (courtesy of Bar)

How can I show my support for EmptyFlower?
See the sticky threads at the top of the Off The Topic section of the forum.