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Chris' Links

A few of the sites that I hit...

San Antonio:

St Marys University, my alma mater.

Oyster Bake - my favorite Fiesta event, held at St Marys University (see above link).

San Antonio College's CIS Department - where I have occasionally taken a class or two.


Astronomy Picture of the Day

StarDate - astronomy stuff.

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Southwest Research Institute

NASA SpaceCenter - Houston


SlashDot: News for geeks.

Rackspace - managed hosting

Martial: Internal Martial Arts discussion.

San Antonio Kung Fu and Tai Chi

Politics, Religion, and Culture:

The CTN-Greg Email List: for Catholic traditionalists

New Oxford Review

alt.revolution.counter Resource List

Traditionalist Conservatism page: excellent stuff

Vacation: - My favorite vacation spot.

Port Aransas, Texas - another favorite vacation spot, where I do my saltwater fishing.

Fredericksburg, TX - A great place to visit.

Hawaii - Been once, hope to go back.

Fun Stuff:

Khaaan! :-)

Wing Kong dot net - a site dedicated to one of my favorite movies: Big Trouble In Little China

My Coast to Coast web page.

San Antonio links:

Manuel Flores, San Antonio gardening guru.

San Antonio Lightning: alternative news source for the city of San Antonio

San Antonio Rock (link inactive)


2003 Bennack-Bellinger Family Reunion - A reunion on my father's side of the family.

Interesting Reading:


The case of the 500-mile email

Why you shouldn't use HTML in Email

Don't Fear the Oop! (understanding object oriented programming)

Work/Life Balance:

Someone Is Stealing Your Life (the rat race)

The Case for a 21 Hour Work Week


Resource List - alt.revolution.counter (interesting list of books and articles)

More links to come...