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How to configure printing in Linux

1. Install CUPS if it's not already installed. Optionally install foomatic as well, along with related ppd files (hp-ppd and foomatic-filters-ppds)
1b. If asked for a CUPS login, open a shell and do:
# lppasswd -g sys -a chudson (then enter a password)

2. Go to http://localhost:631 in a browser, click on Administration and login as root.

3. Click "Add Printer". Name: HP4000 (or whatever). Location/Description optional. Continue.

4. Device: AppSocket/HP JetDirect (or whatever). Continue.

5. Device URI: socket:// (use your appropriate IP addy and port). Continue.

6. Make: HP < continue > Model: HP LaserJet 4000 Foomatic/PS (or whatever) < continue >

7. Done!